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Rossano Brazzi war ein italienischer Schauspieler. Rossano Brazzi (* September in Bologna; † Dezember in Rom​) war ein italienischer Schauspieler. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Leben; 2 Filmografie. Brazzi ist der Familienname folgender Personen: Oscar Brazzi (–), italienischer Filmschaffender; Rossano Brazzi (–), italienischer. Serien und Filme mit Rossano Brazzi: Christopher Columbus · Palast der Winde · Hart aber herzlich · Love Boat · Fantasy Island · Drei Engel für Charlie · . Interview, Porträt, Filmografie, Bilder und Videos zum Star Rossano Brazzi |

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Rossano Brazzi (* September in Bologna; † Dezember in Rom​) war ein italienischer Schauspieler. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Leben; 2 Filmografie. Entdecke alle Serien und Filme von Rossano Brazzi. Von den Anfängen seiner 44 Karriere-Jahre bis zu geplanten Projekten. Rossano Brazzi - Alle Bilder, Filme, TV Serien und Fakten finden Sie hier zum Star auf TV Spielfilm. Jetzt hier informieren!

Ths son of Adelmo, a shoemaker who later owned a leather factory, and Maria Ghedini Brazzi. His baptismal name stems from the fact that his father, when Rossano was conceived, was in military service and stationed in Rossano Veneto.

Rossano as well as his siblings, Oscar and Franca, often worked for their father. He starred in several popular telenovelas and TV movies in Italy and at least two European and one American television series.

She developed a serious endocrine dysfunction and the couple were unable to have children. She died of pancreatic cancer in Four years after his wife's death he married a German woman, Ilse Fischer.

She survived him. Lost both parents to the Fascist Italian government and, according to some sources, was active in the Resistance during the war.

I'm not an idiot. I was a lawyer before beginning to act". Tinelli doubled up, exposing his jaw and Brazzi cooled him with a right uppercut.

Tinelli was completely unconscious, fell through the ropes and struck his head on a ringside seat. The concussion resulted in a cerebral hemorrhage.

When word was received that Tinelli would recover, Brazzi packed his gloves in the bottom drawer and forsook boxing forever.

One of these was an unusual aptitude for arm-wrestling. He even bested Primo Carnera, the giant Italian heavyweight, at the sport.

During lunch hour on a Scalera picture, Brazzi and some fellow actors were testing their strength in the studio dining room.

Carnera was appearing in another picture at the same studio and was badgered into arm-wrestling with Brazzi. Brazzi agreed and, to the giant's discomfiture, won hands down.

But the seeds of his dramatic career "had its beginnings one fall evening in , when he was a first year law student at San Marco University in Florence.

Already 17, he had no thought of pursuing anything except a law career, when he became friendly with several students who were active in the University's amateur theater.

One back-stage visit led to another. His friends persuaded him to try out for a part. He did, and got it. Still not considering drama seriously as a career, he continued dramatics as a hobby during his second year.

This time he won an important role: the part of the prodigal son in Siro Angeli's "La Casa" -- and the damage was done.

From there on he actively wanted the stage and screen as a career. Rossano was delighted - although not, perhaps, for just the reason his father would have preferred: Rome was the country's theatrical center.

During the next two years the fledgling attorney spent a small part of his time preparing briefs his first court case - which he won - was defending a woman accused of stealing a chicken , and a far greater part rehearsing stage productions with a repertory company he had joined.

It was his first exposure to big-time operations, and he was admittedly nervous. Once ushered into the room with Gramatica, however, he was again confident and poised.

Gramatica asked Brazzi if he knew any special piece from memory. This play concerned a triangle between a mother and two sons, one of whom discovers that he is not the son of his nominal father, but the result of his mother's illicit affair with another man.

As the disillusioned son, Brazzi was so effective that Gramatica hired him on the spot. With the Gramaticas, Brazzi played engagements throughout Italy for 6 months.

When the company played Somerset Maugham's "The Sacred Flame" in Rome, the cast was invited to a post-performance party at the home of the Italian motion picture producer, Michele Scalera.

Scalera, impressed by Brazzi's work as the paralytic son in the Maugham play, took him aside at the party and offered a screen test in his forthcoming "Dialogues of Socrates" eventually released as 'The Trial and Death of Socrates'.

He wasn't at all sure that he really wanted to devote his life to acting. It was a decision not lightly to be undertaken, and Brazzi made it on a very practical basis.

When he calculated that it would take him ten years as a lawyer to make as much money as he was now offered for one year in pictures, the choice seemed less difficult.

Brazzi's resistance to the Fascist dictatorship was passive rather than active in the earlier years of Mussolini's regime.

Although he had no love for the Fascists, he found that by not revealing his political views to anyone, he was able to pursue his career as an actor without much interference.

By the time the situation had worsened into total war, Brazzi had already established himself as a top actor, and top actors were being deferred from the draft on the basis that good motion picture entertainment was needed for national morale.

Consequently, he escaped service in the Italian army, except for a token period of 30 days service in Up until this point, Brazzi says, the pictures he was making were commercially produced for profit and were not propaganda.

In , however, the Germans and the Italian government asked him to move to Milan to make propaganda pictures under government sponsorship.

He refused, feigning illness, and abandoned his film career for the duration. Earlier, he had been asked by the resistance forces if he would help obtain food for those they had managed to hide from the SS executioners.

Food throughout the country was scarce, and many in the Underground were close to starvation. For one thing, he had money - and food could still be bought on the black market.

He was able to capitalize upon his knowledge of the Cinecitta movie studio, which had been converted into a concentration camp.

Night after night he helped smuggle out three or four inmates, many of them American, British and French prisoners of war. All together, it was estimated, Brazzi and his resistance group helped to smuggle around 5, people away from certain death.

Seven days before the liberation of Rome, Brazzi was arrested by the German SS, and was turned over to the Italian authorities.

Someone had apparently betrayed him, and he was never able to ascertain who his enemy was. Nonetheless, he found himself facing the strong probability of immediate execution.

A week later, Brazzi's guards vanished and he walked out free. Click here. Rossano's reputation as an actor had been more associated with swashbuckling adventures and romances.

Thus, when American producer David O. Selznick offered him the chance to make films in America, he was willing to take this next step in his career.

He diligently studied the new language en route to Los Angeles I was able to speak, you know, simple things and to study by heart, but I didn't know what was going on in the script, you know.

I thought it was a romantic part. Brazzi was appalled. In the first place, it was a role in which Paul Lukas had scored a considerable success in the original film production starring Katharine Hepburn.

In the second, it was the only work the producer had succeeded in landing for his discovery. Unfortunately, according to Selznick, "Brazzi's accent was extraordinarily bad - I am afraid he sounded like a Neapolitan comedian.

The result was that the producer's efforts to lend Brazzi out to other studios had met with no success whatever until he persuaded LeRoy to use the actor in Little Women.

In any case, Brazzi's recollection of the role is understandable: the critics were almost unanimous in finding his performance stiff, humorless and incredible.

After this the actor could not get back to Italy fast enough. As he recalls it, Selznick tried to prevent his leaving, and there was a bit of a row, but the producer finally had to give in.

And when an actor, you know, wants to do these kind of things [i. But the failure in America was only a prelude to what his personal managers call his "destruction as a star in Italy.

I still feel more sure about the theater than pictures. In a desperate attempt to stem the ebbing tide of his popularity he had then tried his hand at producing.

This turned out to be the greatest disaster of his life. Generous and trusting by nature, Brazzi has never been able to say "No", to anyone -- "If my husband were a woman," his wife says, "he would always be pregnant" - and he casually delegated authority to people with no more business sense than himself - which is to say, none.

The result was that he wound up his career as a producer without a lira to his name. With no other means of settling accounts, he began a frantic and self-defeating round of borrowing money at exorbitant rates of interest, first to pay the debts from his producing venture and then, still at higher rates, to satisfy the demands of the previous moneylenders.

Simultaneously, in a feverish effort to make money, he appeared in one hastily produced picture after another, with the predictable result that the remnants of his popularity quickly disintegrated.

Even more damaging for a man who has nothing to sell but himself was the growth in Brazzi's once-robust ego of a malignant inferiority complex.

Then, just as the bitter waters of despair were closing over him for what might well have been the last time, he was thrown a lifeline from the very place he blamed most for his predicament - Hollywood.

With a courage supported by nothing more tangible than faith and friendship, Jean Negulesco, a director Brazzi had met in this country on his first visit, offered him a part in a forthcoming picture.

Negulesco later recalled how this came about: "Sometime in , Arthur Hornblow, an M-G-M producer, calls: "Roberto Rossellini will be at the studio at ten to show a short film with Magnani.

He wants to meet you. I'm listening to the trials and tribulations of the other Latin lover, Rossano, about his first Hollywood film, Little Women , and his "Apollo" body insulted by a soft pillow tied to his belly to make him look his part - a middle-aged professor.

Three years later he played the romantic Italian in Three Coins in the Fountain. Negulesco took it upon himself to say that Gassman wasn't free, wouldn't be for years.

On that basis, the studio accepted Brazzi. The picture was 3 Coins in the Fountain , released in , and Brazzi, as the love-smitten young Italian, played the third male lead, behind Clifton Webb and Louis Jourdan.

In truth the part was small, but the picture did well and it introduced Brazzi to the American public as an attractive new romantic personality.

The very concept of the "Latin Lover" was new, cinematically, and Rossano had only one example ahead of him: Rudolph Valentino. He would be the first Italian actor since Valentino to achieve the same global popularity, the same passion from his admirers, the same frenzied attention from a global press corps.

The problem was that Valentino, who died at the height of his success, had never had the opportunity to experience the downside of this sort of role: that is, that he would be forever struggling to extricate himself from the label.

Latino and Italian actors, now, seeing a similar pattern in their own careers, have not Valentino but Rossano Brazzi to thank for the trailblazing he provided in a then murky and unknown territory.

And no one has ever questioned the fact that he was darned good at it. Due in part to his appearance, in part to his genuinely heartfelt affection for women, but mostly due to his formidable ability to throw himself wholeheartedly into any role he played, he quickly propelled himself into one of the most memorable and believable screen lovers of the 's.

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He was named after Rossano Veneto , where his father was stationed during his military service in World War I. He made his film debut in He was propelled to international fame with his role in the English-language film Three Coins in the Fountain , followed by the leading male role in David Lean 's Summertime , opposite Katharine Hepburn.

In , Brazzi married baroness Lidia Bertolini — to whom he was married until her death from liver cancer in The couple had no children.

However, he did father a son, George Llewellyn Brady born 24 July , from a relationship with year-old Llewella Humphreys — , the daughter of American mobster Murray Humphreys.

Llewella Humphreys later changed her name to Luella Brady, an anglicization of Brazzi. In , Rossano Brazzi married Ilse Fischer, [2] a German national, who had been the couple's housekeeper for many years.

Originally from Düsseldorf, Fischer had met Brazzi as an infatuated fan in Rome at the age of twenty-four.

Brazzi was known in film production circles for a number of strange traits, including his preference for ordering off-menu and his love of karaoke.

He was often referred to among contemporaries by his nickname Merlion. Brazzi died in Rome on Christmas Eve , aged 78, from a neural virus.

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He was married to Lydia Brazzi until her death, and to Ilse Fischer, his second wife, until his death. His first break into films came in , when Zarah Leander 's film studio was casting for a leading man to play opposite Leander in the film Le foyer perdu At That Time, Le Foyer Perdu.

He died in Rome of complications following a neural virus, on December 24, Sign In. Edit Rossano Brazzi. Showing all 23 items.

After being arrested for involvement in arms smuggling, he was fully acquitted of all charges at his trial in Venice Claimed he could see the future in his dreams.

In , in his twenties, he earned his law degree, and was sent by his father to practice law in Rome with an established lawyer who was a friend of the family.

While there he was approached by a theatrical company. As a young man, Rossano was quite athletic -- soccer, swimming, tennis, golf, fencing and boxing.

He was particularly good at soccer, and assumed the role of goalkeeper for the Florentine college team, where he stayed for two years.

During his university years he was also an amateur boxer. He quit boxing when he unintentionally but seriously hurt an opponent.

Ths son of Adelmo, a shoemaker who later owned a leather factory, and Maria Ghedini Brazzi. His baptismal name stems from the fact that his father, when Rossano was conceived, was in military service and stationed in Rossano Veneto.

Rossano as well as his siblings, Oscar and Franca, often worked for their father.

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