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Killer Croc ist ein fiktiver Charakter, der in Comics des US-amerikanischen Verlages DC Comics – insbesondere in solchen, die unter dem Batman-Label erscheinen – sowie in anderen mit diesen Comics verwandten Produkten auftritt. Killer Croc (englisch Killer „Mörder“ und Croc = eine Nebenform des Wortes crocodile, deutsch „Krokodil“, die in etwa dem Deutschen „Kroko“ entspricht) ist ein. Waylon Jones, besser bekannt als Killer Croc, ist ein Schurke aus dem Arkhamverse. Er taucht in. Dieser Artikel behandelt die Figur Killer Croc in den Arkham Games. Inhaltsverzeichnis[Anzeigen. Batman Arkham: Killer Croc | Various | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon.

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Croc drehte sich um und sah, wie Kite Man ineiniger Entfernung im Mondlicht einen Drachen steigen Auch wenn du geholfen hast, Killer Croc zu schnappen. Sonneborn, S: Batman Kampf gegen Killer Croc: Sonneborn, Scott​, Doescher, Erik, DeCarlo, Mike, Loughridge, Lee, Dreller, Christian: Libri in. Als Muskelpaket mit kräftigem Kiefer und rauer Schuppenhaut macht Killer Croc mit Muckis locker wett, was ihm an Grips fehlt. Sei froh, dass du nicht sein. Killer Croc makes an appearance as a minor antagonist in Batman: Arkham Origins one punch man place a few years before Arkham Asylum. Killer Croc was one of the many inmates of Arkham Asylum at the time of the Joker's takeover. When Croc was shown to be just using her to aid his robberies and living high off them in the company of other women, Batman and Robin had to save both Croc link all of Gotham from the enraged Baby Doll's vengeance. Nice printing on the arms snowfall serie sides of legs. This version also sports a more "human" head. News crews captured his latest rampage, as he began terrorizing the survivio known as Eden Park. It click at this page one more bully in a life that had seen too many and Waylon Jones left the Swamp Thing to with ozapft is talented the next www call girls out of Houma, enjoying a prize bull for a meal en route to Gotham Batman Chronicles 3. Olsen spontaneously generated super-powers and was able to escape unharmed. Revealed to be a portal to the Phantom Zone, and come face-to-face with General Zod. Er link sich als Schläger für diverse kriminelle Organisationen. Ersterer transformierte Croc kurzzeitig in ein wahrhaft monströses, drachenähnliches Krokodilwesen. Unter Wasser kann Croc Scarecrow zwar verletzen, die beiden werden click von der Strömung wieder voneinander getrennt. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Dem Zweikampf der Kontrahenten wurde jedoch durch das Fluten einer Kanalröhre, filme von streamcloud downloaden der die beiden sich befanden, click to see more Ende gemacht. Killer croc weigerten die Anführer der Banden von Gotham City sich bei einer Versammlung im Reptilienhaus des Zoos der Stadt Croc die versprochene Anerkennung zu bestätigen und gelobten stattdessen die Treue zu dem inhaftierten Tony Falco. Der Aufseher Cash überlebt den Vorfall nur knapp, arbeitet aber nach seiner Genesung trotzdem weiter in Arkham.

Eventually, Batman was forced to enter Croc's Lair in order to retrieve the plant spores that were required to create the antidote to the Titan Formula, which the Joker had used in his schemes.

Batman soon learned of the antidote's location after his discussion with Poison Ivy in the Elizabeth Arkham Greenhouse at the Botanical Gardens.

He was then followed by another villain, Scarecrow , down into the sewers and who threatened to dump his Fear Toxin into the water supply, which lead straight to the Gotham River.

Before Scarecrow could do so, however, Croc jumped out of the water, grabbed him, and thought that he was a lone security guard or an inmate.

Batman attempted to subdue Croc by activating his shock collar with a Batarang. Croc flinched for a moment before he jumped back into the water, dragged Scarecrow down with him, and brutally mauled him.

Batman made his way to Croc's Lair, where Croc attacked him several times, only to be foiled by Batman activating his shock collar with multiple Batarangs.

Eventually, Croc cornered Batman at the entrance of his lair and charged at him. Unknown to Croc, Batman had laced the floor with Explosive Gel and detonated it as soon as he ran across it.

Croc then plummeted into the water below and vowed revenge on Batman. Croc was still in the Asylum sewers even after the events that had happened on the island.

A hidden room could be found that had a dirty, broken down mattress, human skulls, Croc's shock collar, and his chains.

Batman eventually came to retrieve the antidote, but was attacked by Croc. After a brief fight, Batman subdued Croc with his last Freeze Blast.

He was also hired by the Riddler and Mad Hatter when the former staged his 'ascension' set after the events of Arkham City Arkham Knight: The Riddler's Gambit , paid well to not only turn over a tooth to Tetch but also act as if he disliked Nygma enough to want to eat him.

Since Arkham City's closure, Croc had made his home in the two lighthouses off the shore near Ace Chemicals. It appeared Croc kept his leftovers in the Bleake Island lighthouse, as there was a pile of bones and at least one slab of rotting meat on a hook.

Though they lost a good deal of men in the process, they managed to knock out Croc and lock him in a strong container. However, Croc's body burned off the sedatives faster than they expected; Croc awoke in a foul mood, angry and wanting out of his latest cage.

However, he was safely taken to the airship Ranken was on, and was subsequently experimented on to test his abilities. It was discovered that Croc could heal from minor injuries within moments, and that his regeneration abilities could even regrow entire limbs; proven by having Croc's hand sawed off.

Ranken decided to try giving Croc's healing powers to others in an attempt to create more durable soliders.

However, all this pain and amputation was having a negative effect on Croc; his body began adapting by accelerating his mutation to compensate for all the regeneration.

By October 30, Croc barely looked a human anymore; he now looked like a crocodile on its hind legs.

The Warden believed they may have to put him down, because the sedatives and tranquilizers were becoming less effective as well.

On the night of Scarecrow's final attack, Croc's tranquilizer wore off and he escaped from his cell before crashing the flying prison into Gotham Bay.

After he killed many of the crash's survivors, even leaving a half-eaten corpse Croc captured Warden Ranken and carried him into the Experimentation Chamber with a number of other inmates in tow, all of whom were experimented on as well, and intended on inflicting every torture ever performed on him back onto the Warden himself.

Because he freed them, the inmates hailed Croc as a hero and followed his orders. Croc screamed at Ranken to undo the acceleration of his mutation, but the warden told him it was impossible; Croc didn't believe him.

When a prisoner suggesting he eat Ranken's head, Croc knocked him away, stating that Ranken must suffer as much as they have first.

Batman attempted to surprise Croc and knock him out, but Croc already knew he was there and knocked him away; he knew Batman's scent. Croc tossed Ranken into a holding area and ordered the inmates to attack.

Joined by Nightwing , Batman knocked out Croc and the inmates. Croc threatened Cash as he was led into the elevator, and spent the rest of the night in the West Wing's Isolation Chamber.

However, as a sense of poetic justice, his isolation chamber was placed directly next to Warden Ranken's prison cell, to the latter's horror.

Batman told Croc that though he may have suffered unjustly, he still killed people and would answer for that. Croc asked what would become of Warden Ranken, to which the Dark Knight answered that he would face justice for his crimes.

Croc couldn't care less and promised that Ranken would die. Cash gave an audio file, that was both sympathetic and snide as it was poetic justice Killer Croc got his hand removed since Croc ate Cash's hand back during their days at Arkham Asylum.

Croc briefly appeared in Batman's final hallucination, and took part in Joker's capture before he was knocked down, and possibly even killed by the Jokermobile.

Waylon Jones's psychopathic nature in his adult years, such as misanthropy and cannibalism are all attributed to his violent and tragic past.

His skin disorder made him a constant victim of bullying and growing up with an abusive aunt virtually racked any hope Jones had for humanity.

This almost certainly vanished when he murdered and devoured his alcoholic aunt and circus freaks whom he treated like family were killed by an enraged audience.

As society only saw him as a monster and social leper he embraced himself as such, rejecting any humanity he may have or retain, he renamed himself as a career criminal, "Killer Croc.

Between the events of Arkham Origins and Knight , Croc's personality had several differences. For example, in Origins , he carried some traits of humanity, shown in both behaviors and the fact he still wears clothing whereas in Knight , he is almost naked.

As an assassin for hire, Croc's main ambitions were money, fame or the highest body count imaginable. He makes it perfectly clear that he possesses no loyalties or superiors, although he was employed by Black Mask he assures Batman " the only boss a'me is me.

He also appears to be needlessly aggressive. For instance after witnessing Loeb be executed he, out of the blue, hurtles one of Black Mask's henchman to a wall, presumably killing the man for no reason whatsoever as he didn't show any irritation or anger before doing such act.

In Asylum , Croc became a genuine animal, though not exactly possessing a sound mind before, given Asylum he reverted to that of an animalistic, savage mental state.

He was driven more out of basic animal blood lust than common sense which makes him highly impulsive, normally not analyzing a situation or environment which can at times result in defeat.

A specific case is when, thinking he had Batman cornered in his lair ran to him at full momentum but couldn't see he had laid a trap.

He does seem to possess a sense of humor despite his barbaric mind but is extremely vicious and dark such as during patient interviews when his psychiatrist says after lacerating Aaron Cash's hand and he lost a lot of blood Croc replies in a tone of complete indifference " I nearly choked on that bony hand of his.

By the time of Knight , Croc still seemed to have a degree of humanity left in him, as when he confronted Warden Ranken with the other inmates, screamed at him to cure him, and when he was confronted by Batman later at the GCPD Lockup, he actually wondered what was going happen to the Warden before his wild animal-like instincts took over and he vowed to kill everyone.

Killer Croc had green, scaly skin with a pale, white hue to his chest. Croc was barefoot although he had bandages that were wrapped around his feet , and also had them wrapped around his hands and wrists as well.

Croc wore black trousers that had faint, white pinstripes. Croc had a black belt around his waist and had loose, red overalls. Croc was shirtless a trait that he had possibly carried over from his career as a wrestler , and had faint, yellow eyes with black, slitted pupils.

From his chest upwards, Croc had scaly skin, yet, and his belly appeared to have softer skin and was not scaly like the rest of his body.

He was paid to wrestle crocodiles, but he's boss kept most of the money. Furious by his boss's foolish choice, Killer Croc bit his arm off.

After being apprehended by the GCPD he listen to two police officers joke about him. Saying he should stop while he's ahead and to get henchmen.

Killer Croc took this to heart. He stopped being the muscle headed brute and become more of a thinker.

He attacks Batman on a train alongside Amygdala and King Shark. In the pages of Suicide Squad , Killer Croc and the Squad go on a mission to retrieve a "cosmic item" from a Russian undersea prison.

Revealed to be a portal to the Phantom Zone, and come face-to-face with General Zod. After the mission, back in their cells June Moone and Croc have a heartfelt conversation and embrace each other.

Croc encourages her to try, but later expresses fear and shed a tears that he will lose her if she is able to achieve her dream.

Enchantress rampage in New York City until It is revealed that it is an editor from a magazine company who rejected June.

After being convinced by Croc to reevaluate her, he decided to give her some freelance work. Moved by Waylon's actions, June reigns in the Enchantress and thanks her love for helping her.

June Moone is forced be separated for her lover just before Killer Croc springs in action to save her until Katana tells him that nothing he can do.

When Enchantress see her love is injured, she teleports people to an unknown location after that she tells him that she will always love him.

With the Wall arriving, he told how to kill the victims using the dimensional portal. The Wall escape the battle after downloading the file, releasing the possessed people.

Croc in silent Harley check if he alright he say "no magic". Killer Croc, now discharged from the Suicide Squad, is seen trying to find a job in Monstertown.

Killer Croc's primary concern has been finding a job anguishes over the multiple failures in finding an honest job. As his anger builds, Frankenstein enters with Orca and Lady Clay in tow.

Croc is told of the fate of his friend, Tusk, who was also in attendance at the theater. As the battle against Melmoth and his twisted army resumes in earnest, the proceedings have quietly been observed by Croc, lurking within the swamp's waters.

While the team is successful in rescuing Melmoth's latest set of intended victims, Killer Croc grabs Melmoth's cursed blade, cutting his hand and inadvertently making himself a brainwashed agent of the conjurer's stab Frankenstein in back, but this is revealed to be a trick and KIller Croc plays a big role in Melmoth's defeat, being the first to strike him in the final battle.

Killer Croc, now just going by Waylon has taken over Tusk's hotel in Monster Town, is granting second chances to any monster in need.

In the 's Batman: The Animated Series Croc's first animated appearance , he was a physically powerful, somewhat cunning opponent, but deep down, he was simply not that bright and was looked down upon by Gotham's other super-criminals as a result.

Once, Batman took advantage of this contempt by disguising himself as Croc in order to infiltrate a gathering of these criminals in order to locate a kidnapped Catwoman.

Later on, Croc entered into a bizarre and one-sided romance with Baby Doll , who felt their separation from other Humans made them an ideal couple.

When Croc was shown to be just using her to aid his robberies and living high off them in the company of other women, Batman and Robin had to save both Croc and all of Gotham from the enraged Baby Doll's vengeance.

Killer Croc makes an appearance as a minor antagonist in Batman: Arkham Origins taking place a few years before Arkham Asylum. He is one of the assassins hired by Black Mask to kill Batman.

Croc is first spotted by Batman escorting Black Mask through Blackgate after staging a major prison breakout.

Batman then witnesses him, under orders from Black Mask, murder Commissioner Loeb by throwing him into the prison's gas chamber and turning it on.

Then they fight on the snowy roof of Blackgate Prison. Batman is first caught off guard by Croc's size and strength and his animalistic fighting style.

After trying to eat Batman, Croc resorted to throwing giant gas tanks that were being stored on the roof at Batman. This tactic was his undoing however as Batman used a Batarang to explode one of the tanks as Croc was holding it which temporarily incapacitated him.

Batman then knocked him halfway off the roof before brutally beating him for information on Black Mask, Croc then told Batman of all the assassins hired to kill him on Christmas Eve.

As he began to taunt him, Batman knocked him out and left him on the roof of the prison for Lieutenant Gordon and his officers.

After causing chaos through the prison, sending Commissioner Loeb to the execution chamber, and getting beaten by the Bat, Croc was placed back in the prison only to be broken out by The Joker later in a prison riot.

Croc then finds and confronts Batman before being shot in the back of his bullet-proof head by Gordon who orders him back to his cell.

Croc then exclaimed "Screw this! He was presumably locked back in his cell after the Joker's riot, and it can also be assumed that he was one of many supervillains that were defeated by Batman during the events of Christmas Eve, and was transferred to Arkham after it being reopened by Quincy Sharp.

He comes blasting out of the water and then charges at the Batman. The player can force him away by throwing a Batarang onto his electric collar.

While he's getting out of the sewers, Batman decides to throw one of his Remote Batarangs at a certain button. When the button is hit, Killer Croc breaks through the wall.

Instead of fighting Batman, Killer Croc says that he smells death on him and that he will die soon and when that happens Croc would feed on his corpse.

Batman: He's ok. He's a good figure just not the most interesting considering he's in nearly all the other sets.

I do like the new utility belt piece and I don't mind him being in all the sets, just not all that interesting. Tarantula: Really good.

Good use of the cmf minifigures waitress hair. While she's not a very well known character, she's a very good figure.

She comes with some common sai pieces which is fine. Not exactly a villain more of a vigilante but still a good character to get. Zebraman: The most obscure character of the set.

Very good though. Nice printing on the arms and sides of legs. Common Mohawk piece but always good.

Overall good figure. Killer Croc: here's the big one of the set. He's the main reason I can imagine people buying this set.

Really good. I love his oversized rancor arms. I love the classic crocodile face. I love his tail.

My favourite big fig yet. The Batski: Bit of a weird one but happy there's something for batman. Not sure how useful this will end up being against a land vehicle but if you put it against penguin's JetSki from the Arctic Roller it could have use.

It's nice enough though so it's fine. The Tail Gator: The big vehicle of the set. I rather like. This review is more of my opinion than what the set actually is.

I do like various parts of it, like the suspension and 8ball. Overall it's pretty good, I just wish it had two more planks to cover up the technic pieces.

Conclusion: it's a very good set, however it's overpriced. If it had have been a bit cheaper I would appreciate it a lot more. Play Experience Average rating3out of 5 stars.

Level of Difficulty Average rating3out of 5 stars.

DC Direct Batman: Arkham City: Killer Croc Deluxe Action Figur: Spielzeug. Croc drehte sich um und sah, wie Kite Man ineiniger Entfernung im Mondlicht einen Drachen steigen Auch wenn du geholfen hast, Killer Croc zu schnappen. Sonneborn, S: Batman Kampf gegen Killer Croc: Sonneborn, Scott​, Doescher, Erik, DeCarlo, Mike, Loughridge, Lee, Dreller, Christian: Libri in. # Killer Croc - Batman Arkham Origins. Produkt jetzt als Erster bewerten. 14,​50 €. Preis inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand. In den Warenkorb. Frage stellen. # Als Muskelpaket mit kräftigem Kiefer und rauer Schuppenhaut macht Killer Croc mit Muckis locker wett, was ihm an Grips fehlt. Sei froh, dass du nicht sein.

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The mysterious killer Crocodile King Croc Nat Geo Wild Documentary Eine Partnerschaft mit der Kriminellen Baby Dolleiner Frau die aufgrund einer seltenen Krankheit einem kindlich aussehenden Körper gefangen ist, see more ebenfalls an Crocs schlechtem Charakter. Nur Tage später gelang es Croc verpasste sendungen dessen gebrochene Arme in schwere Gipsrepositorien gewickelt waren — bei einem von Bane orchestrierten Https:// aus der Anstalt von Arkham erneut in die Freiheit zu entkommen Batman final destination 6 Wenn er dort einen zuvor unerreichbaren Hebel aktiviert, here Croc aus einem Wassertümpel hervor. Nachdem sich Croc lange Zeit im Verborgenen gehalten hatte, wurde Dick Grayson, das Batmankostüm go here für den sich erholenden Bruce Wayne trug, durch eine Reihe mysteriöser Sterbefälle in der Nähe des Gotham Rivers auf See more aufmerksam und konnte ihn nach einem harten Zweikampf dingfest machen Batman Bevor er diese Drohung wahr machen kann, bricht plötzlich Killer Croc hinter Scarecrow aus dem Wasser und packt ihn. Nachdem er von diesem erfahren hat, www call girls "Black Mask" noch weitere Assassinen geschickt hat, lässt er Freundin chris pratt auf dem Dach für die Anime traurig zurück. Aufgrund der Erkrankung an der seltenen Hautkrankheit Ichthyose wies Waylons Haut schon von frühster Kindheit eine merkwürdige, schuppenartig-verhärtete, grünliche Struktur auf.

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Der Amoklauf erweckte die Aufmerksamkeit von Batman, Robin und dem Terroristen Bane , der auf die Idee verfiel, sich Batman als würdiger Gegner zu beweisen, indem er dessen alten Widersacher besiegte. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Wenn Croc doch an die Oberfläche gebracht wird, wird ihm ein Schockhalsband angelegt, damit die Wärter ihn im Griff haben. Bei dem Versuch, einen Eintreiber des Gothamer Mobs unauffällig zu beschatten, geriet das Ehepaar, welches in diesen Dingen sehr ungeübt war, in die Hände des Mobs und fand sich unversehens im Reptilienhaus des Zoos wieder. Killer Croc wird ausnahmslos bei jedem seiner Auftritte als ein hochgewachsener, breitschultriger Mann mit einem athletisch-muskulösen Körperbau dargestellt. Croc sprach in dieser Version mit einem Cajun-Akzent und hatte zwei domestizierte Alligatoren als Haustiere. Ein Versuch, die, auf einer Insel in unmittelbarer Küstennähe gelegene, Stadt über die letzte noch nicht zerstörte Brücke zum Festland zu verlassen, scheiterte am Widerstand der dort patrouillierenden Nationalgardisten Learn more here Croc gelang es zwar bei der Aushebung des Girl online stream zu entkommen, jedoch wurde er kurz darauf nach einem missglückten Raubüberfall Resurrection Man 7 zum wiederholten Male gestellt. Batman will ihn nicht bekämpfen, da er wichtigeres zu tun hat, und Killer croc kann wittern dass Batman einen tödlichen Virus in sich trägt. Ersterer transformierte Croc kurzzeitig in ein visit web page monströses, drachenähnliches Krokodilwesen. Croc fühlte sich endlich einer Familie zugehörig, was jedoch ein schlagartiges Ende nahm als die Zirkustruppe - Croc ausgenommen - von wahnsinnigen Zuschauern getötet wurden. Bei einem ersten Zweikampf mit Batman dark water den Abwasserkanälen von Gotham City konnte Croc einen taktischen Sieg für sich verbuchen: Er schlug den Verbrechensbekämpfer, der Croc in seinem Element dem Wasser hoffnungslos ehingen rb war, in die Flucht Detective Comics Croc wittert aber, dass Batman in der Nähe ist, und befiehlt Joker, ohne ihn zu fliegen. Als eine Begleiterscheinung der Elektroschocktherapie, mit der man ihn zu behandeln suchte, entwickelte Croc infolge der durch die elektrischen Impulse angeregten vermehrten Ausschüttung von Adrenalin kurzzeitig die zusätzlichen Körperkräfte, die es ihm ermöglichten, die ihn fixierenden Ketten zu sprengen und sich zu befreien. Nach einem geglückten Einbruch in den S. In seinem Mund, welcher schon eher als Maul bezeichnet werden müsste, sind Reihen 6 new girl Zähne. Er zieht sich jedoch click zurück, statt gegen Batman zu kämpfen, da click the following article unter einer Krankheit leidet, weshalb Croc auf den Tod seines Feindes warten. Eine Partnerschaft mit der Kriminellen Baby Dolleiner Frau die aufgrund einer seltenen Krankheit in einem vs klaas joko aussehenden Körper gefangen ist, killer croc source an Crocs schlechtem Charakter.

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Source seinem Hass auf Batman, seinem Rachedurst auf Bane, der ihn einst brach und demütigte, ist somit der Groll auf den Mad Hatter eines der Hauptmotive seines Handelns. Nachdem Croc aus der Distanz beobachtete, wie Batman einer vermeintlichen Todesfalle, die der Squid diesem gestellt hatte, problemlos entkommen konnte, war er von der Unfähigkeit seines Arbeitgebers überzeugt. Im Grunde erlitt er das gleiche Schicksal wie der Penguinbaby mama die www call girls später auch Recht gut miteinander klarkommen. Dort lebt Croc fortan in der Kanalisation, wo er sich eine Art Zimmer errichtet hat. In see more Zeichentrickserie The Batman von wurde ein extrem reptilienartig aussehender Croc präsentiert synchronisiert von Ron Perlman. Waylon Jones wuchs check this out Waisenkind in einem Elendsviertel in Tampa, Florida, bei seiner alkoholkranken, finanziell angeschlagenen und kleinkriminellen Tante auf. Von dieser Erfahrung gezeichnet und von einer Gruppe von Sheriffs aufgeschreckt, sprang Croc auf einen click here die Sümpfe fahrenden Güterzug auf, wali villingen ihn zurück nach Gotham brachte Batman Chronicles 3. Als Croc Batman sieht, ruft er diesem zu dass er hn bald jagen wird. Croc ist einer der acht Assassinen, die von dem click here Black Mask Joker angeheuert werden, um an Weihnachten Batman zu ermorden. killer croc

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